4. Trauma Blockages that every entrepreneur needs to address.


I sincerely believe that most entrepreneurs and artist began their practice as a method to self heal. I started my first business NiaZamar after spending most of my life struggling with beauty and body shame. I had a painful childhood full of abuse, mean children, loss, self hatred, poverty and confusion. My older sister was very beautiful, she won pageants, did photo shoots and was admired for her beauty by many. When she committed suicide at the age of 22 I was 11 and it crushed me. When I started working in community work and salons I realized how many of us were actually living in pain and struggling with self. NiaZamar was my way to help folks on their journey but ultimately it was my way to be their for women like my sister and heal my self. If you are like me something in your past hurt you and you need to heal that energy. Once you are able to free your pain your heart will begin to open more and new opportunities will present them self. This process can be difficult but it is possible.