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I create spaces I wish my self and those around me had during the hard times. If you are seeking honest reflections from a Black Queer woman in her becoming, you are in the right space. These are the books that saved me, here you will find the thoughts that guide me and a blend of both mystical and practical reflections. Also, if you came to book a workshop or speaking engagement , thank you for journeying with me.
— Tanya

Tanya Turton creates spaces for people to fall in love with who and how they are.


Using storytelling, safe space and education, Tanya has created safer spaces for Black women, youth, LGBTQ community and students to feel heard, seen and witnessed. Tanya is a change maker in community with personal experience facilitating 500+ workshops across North America, servicing 200+ beauty clients in Toronto and developing programs for various organizations.

Mixing wellness, beauty, arts education and mental health advocacy she offers a unique blend of engaging tools to meet people where they are at.

Tanya has 10 years of experience in beauty and community engagement. Over the years she has launch two initiatives. Adornment Stories is a grass roots non-profit for Black women and femme navigating mental health challenges to use beauty and digital storytelling to transform their experiences. Also NiaZamar: Redefining Beauty a beauty wellness social enterprise challenging beauty myths via services, products and education for increased self-love. Her writing can be found in Shameless Magazine and 21ninety providing safe space and guiding tools for self-love.

“As a facilitator, Tanya accesses individuals in a way that leaves an impression that lasts a life time. She is a leader in her community sharing with us through humor, pop culture, and self-knowledge. Through attending her workshops, I have learned to make wigs, felt empowered to start a business and/or understand how sacred my labour is, and be kinder to myself as a being on this earth. I strongly believe there is no one better in Toronto to lead an aesthetically empowering resource for Black femme identified people.”
— Kamika Peters , Community Artist
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The spaces created by Tanya have grown to be a movement. Her vision is to build collective care spaces that remind people there is no need to simply survive, we can thrive.

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Are you seeking an educator to talk storytelling, self-love, mental wellness or redefining beauty?

In the time that I have known Tanya, she has exhibited exceptional commitment and passion to the organization and community development and engagement in general. Participants of the program have praised her for her work. I am extremely impressed with her dedication and work ethic to this project and to the organization.
— Stachen Frederick Executive Director, BrAIDS for AIDS