Turning Criticism into a win!

I had my first negative review y'all! I was told at a workshop my content is weak… After I got out of my ego and feelings I took four steps to turn this into a win!

  1. I ranted, got all my feelings out and let my ego run.

  2. I got still, self-reflected, grounded, found objective wise council.

  3. Review the entire situation and have a realistic perspective. I reviewed the facts and spent more time with the affirmation and positive feedback to gain a balanced view.

  4. Last but not least, I made a growth plan. Took areas for growth and thought about how I could implement improvements.

Hopefully you are able to learn from my experience. Tune in for details of how I followed this four step process.

Tomorrow is Today: The Becoming

After deep reflection I hope to go along side you on this journey authentically evolving together.

I did not post for all of 2018 because life got full and I needed to be present. In 2018 I got married, moved in with my spouse, went through the immigration process, started contracting with a new company, launch a second company and much more. A year away from podcasting has given me new insights I hope to share.. The format will differ but the goal of supporting entrepreneurs and artist seeking to heal trauma and evolve remains. Im excited to get back into the journey with you

5. Overcoming Challenges and Fear to step into your blessings and live abundantly

5. Overcoming Challenges.png

Each of us came onto this earth with deep fears that we carry with us. We believe that these things can destroy us or stop us from doing the work we are sent here to do. 2017 has offered many challenges but has continued to offer me blessings. I offer a three step process for overcoming fear based off what has worked for me. Enjoy! 

4. Trauma Blockages that every entrepreneur needs to address.


I sincerely believe that most entrepreneurs and artist began their practice as a method to self heal. I started my first business NiaZamar after spending most of my life struggling with beauty and body shame. I had a painful childhood full of abuse, mean children, loss, self hatred, poverty and confusion. My older sister was very beautiful, she won pageants, did photo shoots and was admired for her beauty by many. When she committed suicide at the age of 22 I was 11 and it crushed me. When I started working in community work and salons I realized how many of us were actually living in pain and struggling with self. NiaZamar was my way to help folks on their journey but ultimately it was my way to be their for women like my sister and heal my self. If you are like me something in your past hurt you and you need to heal that energy. Once you are able to free your pain your heart will begin to open more and new opportunities will present them self. This process can be difficult but it is possible.

3. Using your personal Magick Manifestation


The divine lives in each of us. What ever name you use to connect to your higher power or creator is your personal journey but belief is essential to manifestation. The definition of manifestation is essentially to call into being your desires and intentions for life. Some folks do that via vision boarding, some pray and others simply set goals. All of these methods to manifestation are valid if they embody these core components. 

2. Your Squad: How to build a winning support network


Many of us have heard the saying from the African Proverb“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” yet we still attempt to find success on our own. Living in a capitalist and individualist society plants a false sense of understanding within many of us regrading what one person can do. With the rise of pop culture and celebrity culture we seem to think that one person can drive, navigate and conduct the journey to success. This story of a sole success is fake. If you are interested in true holistic success, where the mind, body, heart and soul are at peace and harmony it is time to pull together a winning support network.  Within the book Think and Grow Rich, Hill stress the importance of a master mind group in which capitalist with various expertise meet and share their knowledge. He also mentions the importance of hiring people to do things well that you can not, as an avenue to saving time and attaining success. In the book The Power of Habit, Duhigg explains how habits are formed and why the social component of Alcoholics Anonymous is crucial to effectively changing habits. As social beings it is crucial we understand the significance of those we surround our self with while on our life path.  

1. Trap My$tic. What is it?


Trap My$tic is the culmination of magic, community and business. It is that sacred space where alchemy, spiritual healing and life purpose come together. Trap My$tic is meant to honour the everyday knowledge of people living in difficult circumstances yet still able to use their magic and spiritual knowing  to create something out of nothing. The medicine women, hustlers and the women who run panda/susu (which is essentially the Black bank). While many people may have mixed feelings about these people it is undeniable that many of them understand alchemy and manifestation enough so they have kept whole communities alive.