Our services aim to provide one-on-one quality time with budding entrepreneurs, artist and visionaries. Those looking for an accountability partner and guidance on their soul purpose journey. Each session is developed to support your needs regardless of what state in the journey you are at.   



This 45 minute session is perfect for those looking to change careers, start a new business or feeling blocked on their current path. Our step-by-step process focuses on better understanding the voice of your inner self and what steps will aid in forward movement, healing and change. If your simply feeling frustrated, unfulfilled and stuck this session is for you. 

  Sessions include:

Card reading (Optional). 

Discussion of current path and plan.

Passion, Purpose and Skill assessment. 

Activities to address main barriers  point. 

Price: $80




This hour-and-a-half session caters to those who have began taking steps forward but struggle to keep momentum in their daily lives. Those feeling foggy when attempting to make decisions and interpret their inner compass. If your clear on your purpose but foggy about the journey to take there, this session is for you. 

 Sessions include:

Card Reading / Energy Reading (Optional).

Manifestation Mediation

 Action Plan

Complementary Accountability Partner (15 min follow-up phone call)

Price: $125



This two hour session is for those who feel confident about their journey but would like to develop a detailed plan of action regarding their professional development. If you are working on a new marketing plan, business policies, grant application, business plan or any strategic plans for implementation this session is here to support you. 

    Sessions include:

Card Reading (Optional).

Professional Development Support (IE: Business or Marketing Plan)

Complementary Accountability Partner (30 min phone call)        

Price: $200



Our holistic and and anti-oppresive approach to business and life planning is perfect for many occasions. We love speaking to youth groups, young adults and LGBTQ budding artists searching for a relatable framework when launching their own initiatives. 

Price: Variable